Books by P.L. Hogan

Books by P. L. Hogan

Philosophers, throughout the ages, have delved into the relationship between God and Man. In general society has accepted the message put forth by the major religions and never looks under the cover for a truer meaning. Great thinkers have put forth their ideas and concepts giving us additional thoughts to ponder. You and I are individuals, and being one lets us form our own opinion on how we should celebrate our connection with spirit. There are over 7 billion individuals on this planet and there are over 7 billion paths to God. There is no cookie cutter version of religion that will fit every person, we must read and absorb as much as possible in order for us to make any type of educated decision. I hope that I can provide, in this book, a possible different way of reviewing and analyzing just what it is that you believe. Are you your own person and have your own mind or are your thoughts and deeds someone else’s.
I actually wrote this book in 2004 but was too afraid to publish for fear of back lash then I finally said Eff it and put it out there.
If I could change one thing it would be the title and change from the use of the word God to the Universe but since in the begining of the book I talk about why I chose the title I decided to leave it as is.
Please understand that my belief system has widened to encompass the universe as a whole and not an individual being. My posting’s on my Thoughts page help to deliver the same message but in a slightly different light.

I have provided a free copy of the book below. I hope you enjoy it.