INFJ life experiences, better yet how to maneuver the minefield you were born into!

Please bear with me while I put this page together.

It has only been recently that I have come to understand that I am and always have been an INFJ.

I never truly understood what was the driving force behind my personality but now I am beginning to come to terms with this reality.

I will be posting groups of suggested ideas, remember these are only my opinions and each one of us will handle things differently. I will address these individually in their own sections.

INFJ possible code of ethics.

We are different! However we are no better than anyone else, we must remember that all of us are human beings and have a right to our own opinion.

We have talents! I hate to use the word gifts because I think we are born with these innate abilities and were not handed out to us like stars for a job well done.

Never use your talents to put down or deride another human being! I know we get frustrated when others don’t see our points of view but we cannot destroy our own karma by going to the dark side.

Never lash out at another person! You will be ridiculed and made fun of because you won’t fit the mold that does not give you the right to reciporcate. You have a moral compass so don’t let it start spinning out of control.

You don’t know everything! I don’t say this to cause you angst because we are already critizing our innerself that we may have missed crossing a “t” or dotting an “i”. Here’s the problem the minute you say that you know something it’s a sure sign that the universe is going to slap you upside the head with other possibilities. You must be willing to listen to others make their case because there just might be a little bit of info you may have missed.

Never get into conversations regarding Religion or Politics it is a no win situation! These people have already made up their minds, I know that sounds judgemental but it’s just the way it is. You will beat your head against the wall trying to explain any opposing view to them and you will loose your temper and that is exactly what they are trying to get you to do!

I am actually going to try and setup a forum just for INFJ’s to start, we’ll see how that goes.

You can leave comments on each topic but you can also email me at

Like I said before this is a work in process.

There will be more in the future but I want to address individual areas. I will make posts and give their links below.

Interacting at Social or Business Fuctions.
Wounded Birds
Advice concerning relationships.