Postulations from the other side of sanity….

What is a postulation?

It has about the same meaning as a hypothesys, premis, axiom in other words a best guess forward  based on generally what some would consider a possible but rational  way of thnking.

We’ll I guess that leaves me out but really what I am hoping to put out there with this site is to get people THINKING!!!!

As a mere young man of 61 years old I am saddened at  what I see today in the way of people thinking.

We have a wonderful gift called the human mind and we are causing it to just waste away.

Our civilization sorely lacks encouraging individuals to step into the beyond with ABSTRACT thinking. We don’t foster this kind of activity in our young minds in fact we actually poo poo the idea by teaching our children to Fit the Mold. Hell we may as well be Truman Burbank from the Truman show where everything has already been discovered and there is nothing left to learn.

I call BS!!!

There is so much that we don’t know about our knowledge, who we are and where we live along with what we are a part of.

We have barely begun to scratch the surface on the infinite amount of knowledge that is out there.

Please if you get noting esle out of this site then at least let your mind float out there thinking about just what we are in this vast universe.​

Thank you.

Who Am I?

I will tell you this subject is something I think about on a daily basis.

The stats are a male who is 61 years young. I have been an Information Analyst for a whole lot of years so I have to analysize many things on a daily basis.

First and foremost I am not a mathematician nor am I an accredited scientist, just a bloke who loves to think.

I love reading, not on the computer but with a nice physical book in my hand that i can read over and over.

 I believe in a lot of things some you will like and others you will not. I can’t please everyone out there with what I say but I do so try to put it in a way that might make you think.

I have always loved playing devils advocate in any conversation but not for the reason you might think.

I come across so many people that are so set in there ways that they refuse to budge an inch on a subject but they cannot give me a good sound reason for why that is so.

I love to pull out of people just why they think the way they do, I want the individual I am conversing with to prove to me or at least make think that my way of thinking could be modified.

The information that I will be writing about is never set in stone in my mind and I trully don’t want that to happen.

When we make our mind set on a subject that that means that we do not look for changes or a different way of thinking about the subject. We close our minds off!

In one of the first subjects that I will be talking about is the term absolute.

I do not believe in absolutes, sounds like an absolute statement but I will try to get my point of thinking out there.

So here we go have fun and laught at me if you want, tell me I am wrong and point out to me the error of my ways. 

I will provide at a later date a way for you to get back to me and try to discuss these things with the community out there.

If you should like to comment on something please e-mail me at I am still working on my blog. Thank you for your patience.