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Here’s a little update to my webpage, thought I would put this at the beginning just in case somebody does read it. If you understand personality tests then you will know who or what I am when I say that I am an INFJ 1w2. I have added a new section for this so please bear with me as I work on it. A friend of mine did a Human Design chart for me and apparently I am a Manifesting Generator 6/2. Just another oddball classification for me that fits my personality.

Well here I am living in the beautiful town of Saranda, Albania! I currrently live alone in an apartment that gives me a lovely view of Saranda, it’s bay and the hillsides situated on the coastline of Corfu.

It’s been a long journey to get here but I am still standing!

I was last in Ocean Shores, Washington in a house one block away from the beach but the universe had other plans for me.

I’ve spent many years studying most of the philosophers from Socrates to Ralph Waldo Trine. Along with the philosophy I also studied the various religions from Buddhism to Religious Science. I have read many Esoteric books on Heremtic teachings and Theosophy.

Ever since I was a kid I was always fascinated by the cosmos, I filled my days with Caral Sagan’s books and scifi novels. I still try to stay up with the latest findings out in the universe from the smallest, string theories to the multi verses.

I’ve had a veried past and with that comes it’s own ups and downs which I have had to deal with on a personal level. Just like the rest of you I have lifes’ battle scars to deal with. None of us are immune from the worlds problems which in the end should draw us closer and not seperate us.

Here I will point you to a couple of books I have written, didn’t do to well, but lessons were learned along the way. Various diverse teachings throughout time just a few now but many more to follow. Many of the things I would like to post are still in the public domain so I will only be able to point you it those directions you will have to decide if you wish to follow.

Take care everyone thanks for reading this far,


P. L. Hogan


PSS: I just added a new section called Short stories