At the end of the day

Which day you may ask?

Is the end of one day really any different than the rest?

Think about it.

We have our dreams that keep us going until they do not. Day to day life tends to wear us down so that we lose complete site of our goals.

How many of us out there actually live our life doing what we really wanted to do? Unfortunately, I would venture to say that the majority of us are not, we are all just basically living.

We struggle with work, children, spouses and life in general. How many curve balls have been thrown your way, probably quite a few. Life loves to change things up on us just when we think we have it figured out.

Trust me, if you believe that you have figured out and things are really going your way, be prepared because you are the one it is most likely to mess with.

There was an old saying by Socrates, “The Oracle (at Delphi), claimed that I was the wisest man in the world, because I know nothing.”

Most of you are saying, “Well that doesn’t make sense! You are wise and yet you know nothing?”

An old line I like to quote, I may have it a little wrong, but you will get the gist.

There was an old owl that sat in the tree, the less he talked, the more he listened, the more he listened, the wiser he got, the wiser he got the less he talked, the less he talked the more he listened…….

We love to run roughshod over our life thinking we know what to do and how to do it. We know what’s best!

We have our goals and we soldier on towards them, until life decides to change them for us, WITHOUT even telling us!

So, each day we move forward trying to achieve this new set of goals lying in front of us and we didn’t even ask for them.

A funny thing in life is that the more we chase our goals the further away they seem to move.

Maybe you need to reprioritize?

Is your goal achievable, all them are under the right circumstances, they just don’t seem to manifest for us?

Maybe its because you have them in the wrong priority?

Your real number one priority is usually way, way back down on the list, most of us don’t even know what it is, let alone have it on our list.

YOU are the number one priority and yet you ignore yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, and I applaud all of you out there that have to take care of children, the sick and elderly and even those that support and love their spouses. It just about sums up everyone in the world, funny how it all works.

But you must remember, which we always forget when we basically live, is that if WE aren’t at out best than how can WE give or best to others?

I was recently asked by a lovely woman that I had started dating, what are you looking for?

What I am looking for today is nowhere near what I was looking for even ten years ago.

I was lucky enough to already have an answer, and it has taken many sessions within my mind to realize what I truly wanted, oh and what I also needed.

I told her that all I really wanted was that at the end of the day to sit with someone I care for, side by side, don’t even have to talk, just know that they are there.

You see there is really no telling what life is going to throw at you, the very next day. What I wish and hope for these days is that I can sit, with my partner, and wash away the thoughts and problems of the day.

We cannot continue on this fast and furious pace the world has set upon us, we are going to fold and buckle. Look around and see it happening at a frightening pace, even a bind person can feel what is happening.

You as an individual cannot continue to support the loved ones around you if you, yourself are not up to your best game.

I can pretty much guarantee that stuff is going to happen, but you can be better prepared.

Sit at the end of the day, either with yourself or with someone, and stop thinking about all of those things you think you know.

Become the Owl and clear your mind, when you make your mental state of being the number one priority in your life, everything else will fall in line.

Namaste to all,

P.L. Hogan