New Year, New Path?

Each new year brings billions of people hope that this one will be better. It is a time of review for what did or didn’t work last year so that adjustments can be made. Changes to jobs, relationships and self-image run through our minds. Promises will be made to ourselves with the intention of keeping them fully and faithfully.

                We will create mental checklists on what needs to be done. One will surely hear of a new diet that works fabulously or that new phone that will do everything for you. Maybe your goal this year is a new car, you will figure out you finances and make sacrifices to get it.

                Human beings are great at looking at what makes us materially happy but mostly neglect what makes us internally at peace. You have lain out your path to your physical wellbeing, but have you bothered to take a good and in-depth look at your spiritual health?

                How are you going to foster your connection with spirit? Have you even stopped to think that maybe your current path is not quite working?

                In my book I state that there are over 7 billion human beings on this earth and that there are 7 billion paths to God or spirit. Each one of us is an individual and have different needs that must to be fulfilled while we walk this current path on this planet.

                Are you really happy with your connection or are you going through the motions because someone else said you would be happy if you followed their path?

                When Buddha was on his death bed his disciples came to him and asked him what teachings they should follow once he had passed. He said many things but probably the most important was do not follow any particular tenet but be an island unto themselves.  Just because a book is old does not make the teachings in it correct! Just because someone said to follow certain rules and practices does not assure that they will work.

                It does not matter which path you choose but make sure that it does not impede on anyone else’s, you have no right to say that what they believe is incorrect.

                In Hermetic teachings there is the Principal of Polarity, there are always separations for every type of emotion or action. What one person calls good is not necessarily good for another, we all live in a world of varying degrees where many only apply to ourselves and not another human.

                Are you truly following a path that your soul or essence has chosen? Have you taken the time to look at all paths and glean from them the best they have to offer?

                Along with your contemplation about your physical world during the upcoming year sit down and evaluate just how happy your psyche is. One must feed their soul on a continual basis, I dare say more so than their physical body.

                Regardless of what you choose I ask everyone out there to make this a year of service. Please take time to volunteer and take care of others. We live in an aging society where many, many seniors are alone and neglected.

               NAMASTE and please take care of yourself both mind and body.

P.L. Hogan