1a. the action of reincarnating : the state of being reincarnatedb : rebirth in new bodies or forms of life; especially : a rebirth of a soul in a new human body

2 a. a fresh embodiment

This is a subject for those that have a belief or possible belief in reincarnation.

There are several parts to believing in reincarnation;

Reincarnation, a major tenet of Hinduism, is when the soul, which is seen as eternal and part of a spiritual realm, returns to the physical realm in a new body. A soul will complete this cycle many times, learning new things each time and working through its karma. This cycle of reincarnation is called samsara.

Reincarnation in Hinduism is not limited to being born as human. You may have had prior lives as animals, plants, or as divine beings who rule part of nature. If it has life, then it is part of the cycle.

Since the majority of people who believe in reincarnation understand how it works this is an above and beyond question.

With the advent of space travel and the coming colonization of other planets, when you die and are reborn according to the laws of reincarnation where will you be reborn?

If I happen to be a member of a colonization on Mars and I die would I be reborn on Mars or would my soul travel back to earth?

If it traveled back to earth then what soul would be in the newborn on Mars?
Is a soul tied to its home planet?

I have always been a believer that we are here to learn lessons, why I am still not sure, but that is one of my beliefs.

I also believe that we are not alone in this universe, not by a long shot, but I will cover that in another subject.

Holding these two beliefs I postulate that our soul, if that is what you call it, would be able to reincarnate on different planets and in different forms.

Crazy talk right…..