Two Parts

Two Parts to the Universe we Live in.

The Physical and the Mental.

Our physical world encompases everything from strings to multi universes. I love to follow the thoughts from the early Atomists like Leucippus and Democritus to modern day astrophysicists like Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson and physicists like Dr. Michio Kaku and Stephen Hawking. There are also hundreds of others that paved the way to our look into the physical soul of the universe.

Some may find it dull, and believe me I am no mathimatician I could barely pass Algebra 1, but I am fascinated by the theories they put forth and can listen to them for hours. These people attempt to tell the tale of our physical world and they do a marvelous job.

But there is another part to our universe that of the mind. Many will use the term spiritual but that denotes a hint of religion in its use which can turn off many.

So what is the universe of the mind? Nobody can say absolutely that it is only local, by that I mean only residing within the physical body or that it is distinctly seperate residing somewhere outside of the body.

I personally believe that it is a little of both. Can one really believe that the memory of your first birthday is only a smidgen of silver or maybe gold maybe even sodium, a mixture of chemicals residing somewhere in the brain. Or do you believe that it is only held there by a pulse of energy just sitting there waiting to be activated.

If it only resides in the brain then there are absolutely no ramifications for what you do in this lifetime after you die, but it also means that all of the knowledge you have amassed means nothing. All we are then are just place holders in time from one generation to the next and when we die Meh, just another dead person.

I would like to believe that we are more than just a physical point in time and that our lives really do mean something if not to others than at least to ourselves. Our physical bodies are just that physical but our minds are conduits to the underlying universe, the one of consiousness.

I don’t know if I’ll get in trouble here but I always like George Lucas’s concept of the force one of consiousness. Everything is alive and lives within that field that envelopes us. Every action we do, good or bad, has an effect. Every person that hates raises that level throughout but it also means that every person that loves raise its level.

To me it’s not God that did this or that, it’s people like you and me that create the chaos happening in the world today. Maybe there truly is a Mother Nature, you like to give the God a masculin form so why not give nature a feminin one. But I digress.

No one knows how the universe was created they can calculate back to 10-43 seconds after it happened. But what actually caused it?

I like to believe in all possibiities, did God create the Big Bang? Then who created God maybe the Big Bang?

These are all things that we don’t know with our current feeble minds.

What I do believe is that there is a way more information that we don’t know compared to what we do know. Our span on this cosmic timeline is nothing but a speck, just like our current level of understanding which is just a speck in the pool of knowledge.


P.L. Hogan