Who’s Matrix Do You Live In?

It has now been several years since the Matrix series of movies were first released. Since that time there have been many articles, posts and YouTube videos concerning the fact that many believe or postulate that we may indeed be living in some type or form of created scenario.

Meriam-Webster defines matrix as the following: something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.

Because the movies dealt with a technology that created the world the characters lived in all of the discussion I see today only addresses our existance in that same field of reference.

But what if we strip away the physical technological aspect and look at it from another point of view?

These last few centuries have seen tremendous advances in science such as the universe we live in and possibly that we may be one in an infinite number of multiverses. It has also delved into the smallest aspect using string theory, that their vibration tone may determine which dimension maybe even the timeline we occupy.

I personally am fascinated by all of this and thuroughly believe in the possibility of these theories.

But I also like to take into account the consiousness aspect of this subject concerning the possibility of living in a matrix.

Why does such a possibility have to be a physical one and not a mental one?

For thousands of years philosphers and religious thinkers have put forth the notion that we reside within the mind of some greater force.

Ancient Egyptian writings, by a man known as Hermes, speak to the fact that we endure our being, along with the rest of the universe, within the mind of what he called the All. Two of his styatements were; All is in the ALL and the ALL is in all, plus the universe is mental held within the mind of the ALL.

Ancient Hindu writings refer to the existence of Brahma, the cause of all existance. They believe that the universe is manifested by Brahma and that we live within this creation.

The Aborigines of Australia believe in Dreamtime and the the world was created within that dream.

Believing that we may live within a matrix is not a new idea and has been put forth long before the invention of science.

So if you are a believer in possibilities put forth through science then why can’t you believe in the possibilities put forth through conciousness?

Thank you and Namaste,

P. L. Hogan