Is time marching forward or are we marching through time?

First off I’d like to apologize to any of you reading my posts who are students of physics or understanding of dimensions. I am just a lay person with a simple grasp pf their concepts so excuse me if I butcher them in my post.

This might seem a little heavy to digest but I love to put forth possibilities to get one thinking out of the box.

Okay here is my problem, from what has been tolds to us we live in a 3 dimensional universe. What I also believe to understand is that in order to have a three dimensional object we need eight points, a square basically, which consists of joining 2 two dimensional planes. I hope I got that right.

So to get any two dimensional plane you need to combine 2 one dimensional lines. Then these lines are made up of 2 points wich are dimensionless.

Lets go forward now. to get a fourth dimension we need to combine 2 three dimensional solids. Now I don’t know if each 3 dimensional solid is a millionth of a second, a thousandth of of second or what but it takes 2 of those three dimensional pictures of our universe to create a fourth dimension that we call time.

We can apply the same rule as we go to higher dimensions, 2 4th’s make a fifth which is maybe 3 three dimensional solid aspects of our universe.

The point I am trying to make is that as dimensions go higher a base of lower dimensions must be created to support it. You can’t skip dimensions but only go up sequentionally.

Okay so as we move through what we call time do we build on higher dimensions? Think of it like a staircase, zero, to a one dimension, to a 2nd dimension, then a new third dimension that we step into, which then creates a 4th and on up.

That would mean that at the point of the big bang, when our three dimensional universe was created there were no higher dimensions until a length of time had passed.

However if one believes in the possibility that we live in a multi-verse then all of the dimensions have already been created!

Could it be that what we believe are new points in time already exist and we are just stepping through them?

I know some will cry the term Determinism but we still always have the coice of which path to take.

The was a question put forth in Buddishim that goes like this. An individual is standing on a bridge over a stream. The question is this “Is the water in the stream moving under the person or is the person on the bridge moving and the water is standing still?”

If it is the latter then the water itself doesn’t move but we percieve it to be moving as we step through the already created points in what we call time.

Hey just more food for thought.

Namaste and take care,

P. L. Hogan

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