Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Conciousness.

I was e-mailing with the owner of the Living Librarian website, and he expressed his interest in addressing the issue of Quantum Consciousness. Received his okay to use his idea in a post.

As with most of my posts I like to use current scientific principles and hypotheses when I approach issues concerning our mental or conscious connection with the universes, we live in.

Physicists are delving into the smallest areas of our creation searching for how our existence came into being and they addressing this issue using a field of mathematics called Quantum Mechanics.

Most everyone would agree that something cannot be created from nothing but our thinking on that is generally geared towards the physical-to-physical realm where Quantum Mechanics is suggesting that the physical may have been created from energy!

Sounds perfect to me!

Many great scientists are even willing to stick their necks out and propose it could have been created by Thought!

“The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter. We are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of the realm.” Sir James Jeans, “The Mysterious Universe” (1930)

“Nor has it been proven that God has been eliminated from M-theory. There are disquieting signs (for Hawking and company) that He is also unavoidable in M-theory, as he is in Einstein’s theory of gravity, and in quantum gravity” Frank Tipler

Of course, many of their associates have called their assumptions as ridiculous or “CRAP” a term some will use and yet they will only adhere to sets of formulas which can only be applied to a physical universe.

I have always believed in the two primary parts of the universe we live in, the physical and the mental. There are too many steadfast adherents on both sides that completely disapprove of the other side of the argument.

Let’s move on to the mental, spiritual, consciousness or whatever term you choose to call it side of the room.

There is a maxim, a fundamental principal in the ancient Hermetic teachings that “The universe is mental held I the Mind of the All.”

In the Hindu religion it is believed that Brahma created the universe through his meditations and dreams.

Zen Buddhism believes that the Void, I will discuss the use of this term in a later post and believe me it doesn’t mean empty like we use the term, was created by the Mind.

Let’s talk about our mind for a minute. You know that you dream at night, you know that those dreams are so real that many leave you believing that you actually lived them but how are they created? You will swear that they were physically there, but do you think that you took a part of your physical brain and sectioned it out to a real world then conveniently put it back together when you woke up!

You the individual created those dreams through the energy that your brain or mind has within it! So if we can create a world within ourselves then why can’t a higher being create our universe through it’s thought?

In the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, on a paper called “Quantum Approaches to consciousness” plato.stanford.edu/entries/qt-consciousness/ a serious approach to this subject is discussed. I am extremely happy that one of their possible conclusions is the 3rd one. “matter and consciousness are regarded as dual aspects of one underlying reality.”

So, the bug question is, What is this underlying reality?

As with all of my posts I am not trying to teach you anything, I am simply putting forth possibilities. It is always up to the reader whether they choose to use them or not. Remember that my saying is that I know nothing which always leaves room to further my knowledge.

Namaste and take care,

P. L. Hogan