What you perceive no longer exists.

Isn’t it wonderful to look up at the night sky and see thousands of stars and galaxies! I know it’s harder to view it with the city light’s glaring but you can still catch glimpses of the brightest ones.

If one has read anything about these heavenly objects they know that many lie millions even billions of miles afar. What you are looking at is a past time when they shone their brilliance and many possibly no longer exist.

Let’s pick a closer object say the moon. It’s orbit is approximately 238,900 miles away. Since light travels at a constant speed it take 1.3 seconds for you to view an image of it when it shines, so what you see no longer exists only what it did appear to be.

So let’s move a little bit closer to home, say that car in an intersection about 100 yards of 91 meters away. What you are seeing is an object as it appeared less than a second ago but you are still not seeing it as it is.

Okay so now you are just saying that I am just splitting hairs, the speed is so miniscule it doesn’t matter. We’ll you are kind of right but that’s not the direction I am taking this conversation.

Everything you see, touch, hear, taste or smell is only a semblance as it was not how it actually is. In fact because of the lag time for all of our senses to reach the brain and process them we can never truly perceive things as the truly are.

But you say it’s still a car and looks like a car. Once more I say that’s correct but it not the same car right now.

There is a principal in Hermetic teachings that, “nothing is at rest and everything is in motion.” If you believe in science, then even the smallest parts of particles are constantly vibratng which means the entire universe is in constatnt flux and nothing stands still.

So where am I going with this on the spiritual or concious level?

In my last post i spoke about the universe possiblying being a mental creation and I brought up the subject of the Void as defined in Zen Buddhisim, I mentioned that it is not how western civilization perceives the word.

We like to understand the void as being without anything inside of it, full of nothingness, but can there really be a place that has nothing? Let’s flip that belief to the opposite view that the void is full of everything, some things we can see and others we can’t.

We like to assign tangible properties to everything since we believe we live in a 3 dimensional world but we always fail to address the energy behind those physical objects and without those energies our physical world would not exist.

We are creatures of the void, created by it and living within it!

There was an old christian beilef that man and god were intertwined, that god was omnipresent residing within eveything.

Okay so let’s circle back to the point I am trying to make. Everything you perceive is just an illusuion and not what it really is. Now I’m not advocating that you don’t believe that the cars doesn’t really exits and step out in front of it to prove your belief!

What I am trying to get across is that everything that you believe is not as it appears and think that if possibly all of the physical aspects of your world are changing then what about your underlying conciousness?

Are your beliefs as concrete as you percieve them?

Hey just more food for thought.

Namaste and take care,

P. L. Hogan