Quantum Conciousness and your mind.

I just finished watching a wonderful video on neurons and synapses. It amazes me how intricate but delicate our physical brain is.

Let’s take a look at how this function works. A neuron sends an electrical impulse from one to another which literally gets your brain fired up.

In one of my past articles I spoke on Quantum Mechanics whic are used to describe the underlying characteristics of the physical world we live in. At the smallest level energy is stimulated causing a reaction which creates physical objects. I am no scientist so this is the best way that I can descripe what I perceive, I may be a little off but I get close.

Our 3 dimensional universe, or multiverse if you subscribe to that theory ccame into being through energy.

Now let’s look at how our mind or brain operates. Trillions of neurons send an electrical impulse between themselves allowing us to utilize that greay matter we have up there.

So if in the physical world matter is created by the use of electrical impulses and in the mental world, thoughts are created by the use of electrical impulses how far different then is the underlying fabric between both worlds?

I have spoken of a place the buddhists call the Void in the last couple of articles. I had mentioned that it is not empty as the western civilization like to define it but actually full.

Take for example space a place void of air, it’s just doesn’t have the substance we use to breathe. One looks out at the stars and thinks there is nothing between their gaze and the physical object but in reality it is full of particles which the human eye can not see.

Energy is the fundamental building block of everything from our physical world to our mental one.

Could all of those neurons actually be accessing levels of the universe which we don’t quite understand? Physically we have built telescopes to reach out far beyond or normal view, so coud it be possible that our brains created a mechanisim to also see beyond our physical bodies?

Could that firing between neurons act like a portal or wormhole accessing higher or lower levels of dimensions giving us access to a mental universe?

Okay thanks for reading just more food for thought.

Namaste and take care,

P. L. Hogan