One Soul in Multiple Universes.

I had an interesting dream last night, luckily this one wasn’t as crazy as some of the ones I have had. It was a dream dealing with thoughts I have been having about feeling alone. Currently I live by myself, have for a while but have always wanted to share my life with someone else. Somewhere in the back of my mind I believed that I needed a partner to complete me so nagging thoughts have been taking their toll on me.

I do believe in the possibility that there are many other universes out there so there may be many other versions of myself in them. Always believing that they were separate versions of me until last night.

In my dream I was with a woman who was my partner and I had complemented her. She replied back to me that I had said a very nice thing to her which made me feel extremely happy. I woke up with that feeling knowing that I was not alone and was sharing my life as I had always wanted to.

Most of my writings bring together our physical existence, the universe we live in and try and merge it with our spiritual essence. My thoughts have been limited on a one to one basis consisting of the reality we live in.

Last night I was awakened to the possibility that our soul not only exists in this realm but in many others at the same time!

We have always been told that if we have a problem which we are finding difficult to solve then we should think about it before we go to bed. How many times have you done that and magically come up with a solution when you wake up in the morning or at least are given a path to follow that will help you to solve that problem?

What if the solution comes from another part of your soul that has already dealt with and overcame that problem which exists in another universe?

Just more food for thought.

Namaste and take care,

P. L. Hogan

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