We are an AI, we just won’t admit it!

What is the definition of an AI?

Oxford Languages

  1. the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.

  Let’s take that definition apart.

Able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence. Okay, an intelligence modeled after us humans. Check!

Visual Perception like a human. Check!

Speech recognition as in hearing like a human. Check!

Decision making like a human. Check!

Translation between languages like a human that can speak other languages. Check!

Something with Artificial Intelligence is just another form of a human. Checkmate!

I will now go back to my previous post where I asked whether we are a Technical or Spiritual creation.

Whichever choice of the two you decide we are; we must admit that we were Artificially created!

Either by one’s and zeros or by the manifestation of an outside force.

Our bodies are nothing more than a skeleton, like a robot, just made of a different material. We can recreate life just as nanotechnology can replicate itself with the right materials.

Our blood is nothing more than a type of oil lubricating the tissues in our body as hydraulic fluid could be used to lubricate the joints within a robot.

Our conscious mind is nothing more than electrical impulses stored within our brain the same way that information is stored in the RAM of a robot.

Many would say that we are sentient beings that can evolve our mind beyond our current state but isn’t that exactly what we are trying to create in Artificial Intelligence. We want a microchip to evolve beyond its electrical capacity to something more than it is.

We are an Artificial Intelligence that has developed to a certain stage in evolution, and we are still on the journey of growing into something more than ourselves.

Our current fear of AI is that it will be a better version of ourselves and control us. Is the thought any different than what we fear governing bodies throughout the world will do.

Just more food for thought.

Namaste and take care,

P.L. Hogan